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Frequently asked questions


What is a register-based census?


A register-based census is a modern way of conducting a census in which data are collected with a different methodology than has been used in previous censuses. The data for the 2011 register-based census will not be collected in a traditional way, with numerous enumerators collecting data with fieldwork. A lot of information on population, households and dwellings is collected and compiled namely in various registers, files and databases. These data will be linked together so people won't be asked the same questions again. That is why the 2011 census in Slovenia is called a register-based census.


Who conducts the census?

The 2011 Register-based Census in Slovenia is conducted by the Statistical Office of Slovenia with its human resources, i.e. without any employment of additional interviewers.Poslušajte


Is the census conducted in Slovenia only?


No, censuses are carried out all over the world, not only in Slovenia. For many countries in the world censuses are the only source of information on the population in the country. Each country is free to decide when the census will be conducted, it is only important that it takes place around 2010. More on this topic can be found on the website of the UN, which as an umbrella organization prepares guidelines and recommendations regarding the content of the data collected.

Slovenia is obliged to conduct a census of households and dwellings. One of the legal bases is the Regulation on Censuses of the European Union – according to this regulation all the Member States of the European Union need to collect data on specific topics and have to report the results to Eurostat, the Statistical Office of the European Union. A set of minimum but obligatory topics is stated in the regulation although each country may also collect other data. When census data of all Member States of the European Union are collected, not only the demographic picture of individual countries will be known, but also the portrait of the entire European Union.


When was the last census conducted in Slovenia?
The last census in Slovenia was conducted in 2002. At that time, the data on households and families, on education of the total population, on housing and some information about migrants were collected for the last time.


When will Register-based Census 2011 data be available?

This census differs from previous censuses also in data publishing. In previous censuses, all data were published at once. In the register-based census this is no longer possible, since data from different sources are not all accessible at the same time. Therefore, the data will be published step by step; however, they will be available sooner than this was the case in previous censuses. The exact dates will be posted on the website under “Release dates”. 

The first data will be published on 29 April 2011. This will be the information on the number and age-sex structure of the population of Slovenia – these data would be published anyway. In addition, also data on the citizenship of population.
The data on households and families are planed to be published on 30 September 2011 at the latest – these data have always been collected with censuses only and are highly sought by our users.

By the end of 2011, data on education and economic characteristics as well as data on migration and housing are planed to be published.


When will the census take place?
The census reference date is 1 January 2011 at midnight. Children who will be born a minute later will not be counted among the population of Slovenia. A person who will die a minute after the census reference date will, on the other hand, be counted among the population of Slovenia.


What are the advantages of a register-based method?
The main advantages are significant budget savings and no burden for people providing the data. One of the advantages is also that they can be carried out more frequently than every 10 years.


Will data on nationality / ethnicity and religion be collected in the Register-based Census?

In Slovenia, the data on nationality / ethnicity and religion will no longer be collected with the censuses. Because the administrative sources don’t provide data on nationality / ethnicity for the entire population and because data on religion are not even available in administrative sources, these topics are not the content of the Register-based 2011 Census. Data on nationality / ethnicity are not obligatory topics, although countries are allowed to collect with population censuses or within their capabilities other data too.


How can I declare my nationality / ethnicity?
Collection of data on ethnic affiliation is defined by Article 7 of the Residence Registration Act: it stipulates that nationality is one of the data that might be declared at the registration or deregistration of residence and change of address. People declare their nationality to the competent authority only if they want to; the authority that conducts the procedure must remind them that they are not obliged to answer this question. Data are collected with the form “Registration/deregistration of permanent residence”, which must be filled in at registration of address in Slovenia, at immigration to or emigration from Slovenia, and at registration of first address of newborns.


In short:

  • data on nationality in Slovenia will no longer be collected with the censuses;
  • in previous censuses the Statistical Office had never checked the declared nationality of an individual; the data were only collected and published as statistical aggregates;
  • to obtain additional information about the possibility of declaring nationality / ethnicity, please contact any administrative unit, the department responsible for internal administrative matters.Poslušajte


Can I sign up for an interviewer?

No interviewers are needed in this census. The census is not organized as a fieldwork but it will be conducted only by linking already collected data.  


Will / do census data on population differ from data on population that are published regularly?


Data collected in previous censuses differed from the data published in regular publications due to different methodology of data collection. In the 2011 Register-based Census the data on population will be prepared in the same way and using the same methodology as data published in regular quarterly population statistics four times a year. Data on population on 1 January 2011 are data of the 2011 Register-based Census also.

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