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Advantages of a register-based census method


Fieldwork is not necessary, so the number of people participating in the register-based population census is much smaller. For example, more than 10,000 people participated in the 2002 Census.


No respondent burden with questions for data that have already been sent to other state authorities or for other statistical surveys.


Significant budget savings. With a registered-based census we estimate EUR 10 million of state budget savings. The costs of the registered-based census present only 10% of the costs of the classical fieldwork census.


No additional employment. Only statisticians–methodologists and IT experts participate in the implementation of the census.


Data quality. It is possible to provide a uniform and controlled methodological approach in all stages of the process.


Data processing time is shorter because the input data sources are previously regulated, so the data may be available to users sooner.


Registered-based census can be carried out more frequently than every 10 years, as in the previous fieldwork censuses. Modern societies are changing rapidly, and users need up-to-date and current data.


Restrictions of a register-based census method


Dependence on existing sources, their content and quality of the data. The Statistical Office has no influence on the management of the administrative sources; in addition, the management methodology is adapted to the administrative needs.


Mismatch of the same type of content and data from different sources (due to different time sections of data collection, methodology, updating).


Unavailability of administrative data sources. So far, in Slovenia various public opinion data were collected with fieldwork census (e.g. ethnicity, religion, way of travel to work), which will no longer be the topic in the Register-based Census 2011.


Insufficient data in some administrative sources, as the managers need some time to gather and process the data. This also increases the time of preparing the data for individual topics of a register-based census.

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