Population pyramid

A population pyramid is a graphical illustration of the age and sex structure of the population. The length of individual bar in the chart represents the number of people in the selected age group. The number of men is shown on the left and the number of women on the right.

The data are easily understandable when presented graphically. By visualizing data on the sex and age structure of the population, the changes in the demographic portrait of the population can be observed. Annual fluctuations in births and deaths, the impact of migration, wars and other exceptional events are shown explicitly. And indirectly, changes in people’s lifestyle (such as in the field of fertility and prolonging of life expectancy) can eventually also be identified. Explanation on various influences to the population structure of Slovenia were published in the electronic release about the population pyramid.

By publishing the population pyramid the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia extends the range of web services for the general public and joins the debates about population ageing and its consequences. The interactive population pyramid enables the presentation of the sex and age structure of the population of Slovenia for the 1971 - 2061 period.

To see the pyramid, click on the picture below. Various options will be described under the pyramid on mouseover.

Show interactive population pyramid
Technical specifications for using the pyramid
The pyramid is prepared in SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) language. If your browser does not support this language, you have to install a free copy of Adobe® SVG Viewer 3. For additional information you can write to info.stat@gov.si

The pyramid was developed by the United Kingdom’s Office for National Statistics. We kindly thank them for allowing us to use it on our website.

The number of population in a specific year is the mid-year (30 June) population, while the number for the projections refers to the beginning of the year (1 January). The pyramid shows the demographic situation and changes in the population structure in Slovenia from 1971 on. Due to changes in data sources (e.g. in 1980 and 1986) and changes in the definition of the population of Slovenia the data for specific periods are not directly comparable; however, they are appropriate for graphic presentation in the pyramid.

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