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In July 2016 the sentiment indicator was 1.0 percentage point higher at the monthly level and 1.7 percentage points higher at the annual level.
In 2015, 11,695 acknowledgments and 15 ascertainments of paternity were registered as well as 39 adoptions, 15 of which from abroad.
In 2015, 2,800 Slovenian citizens immigrated to Slovenia, as did 12,700 foreign citizens. Nearly 8,700 Slovenian citizens and almost 6,300 foreign citizens emigrated from the country. Contrary to ...
Natural increase and net migration were positive in 2015: the former by 807 and the latter by 507 persons. Total increase was 1,314, a quarter lower than in 2014.
In 2015, enterprises in Slovenia sold on the domestic market EUR 23.6 billion of goods, which is 1.2% less than in 2014. The value decreased in retail trade and increased in wholesale.