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We kindly invite you to attend the 23rd Statistical Day, entitled


The conference was on 19th NOVEMBER 2013 in BRDO, Slovenia.

Please register for the conference by 30 October 2013 on registration of participants. Participation in the Conference is free. A detailed agenda is available on agenda

The nearest international airport is LJUBLJANA Jože Pučnik Airport. The organizers will arrange the transport from the airport and back. Send the information about the arrival and departure to

Invitation (in PDF form )
In their activities businesses come into contact with many stakeholders, including official statistics. The relationship between businesses and official statistics is a two-way affair: on the one hand businesses are data providers that enable official statistics to prepare and publish statistical data, while on the other hand they are users of these statistical data. In its relationship with businesses, official statistics strives to provide statistical data and feedback information that businesses need for their work and constantly seeks ways to reduce the reporting burden of businesses, taking into account demands that come from the society.

Such efforts are particularly important in difficult conditions the Slovene economy has faced over the past five years. This year’s 23rd Statistical Conference will be an opportunity to discuss the relationship between businesses and official statistics, to try to answer the question what official statistics can do for businesses, to discuss the importance of data reported by businesses, and to seek synergies with the aim to provide relevant statistical data and reduce administrative burdens.

The Conference, which will take place on 19 November from 9.00 to 17.00 in the Brdo Congress Centre, will be divided into three parts:

1. Businesses and data – needs and importance. The panel discussion will focus on what data businesses need for their work and how official statistics and other data providers can meet their needs. The importance of data that businesses report to official statistics will also be emphasised. These data are firstly processed and published by official statistics, but indirectly also by researchers, associations, credit rating agencies, etc. Data provided by businesses are thus important information for businesses and key for objective assessment of the situation in the society, for preparing measures and for making decisions.

2. Challenges and pitfalls of reducing statistical burden on businesses. The panel discussion will highlight problems businesses have with statistical reporting and possible solutions to ease their burden, the policy of official statistics and the Government to reduce and eliminate the burden, measures adopted in the past and present, and deliberations for the future. The possibility of using so-called big data, which are a challenge for official statistics but also offer new opportunities for businesses, will also be pointed out.

3. Presenting awards of the Statistical Society of Slovenia for 2013