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Slovenia in Figures

This pocket-size booklet has been published since 1980. First as Slovenia '80, between 1982 and 1989 as Socialist Republic of Slovenia, Basic Indicators of Development and between 1990 and 1993 as Republic of Slovenia, Basic Indicators of Development. It has been published under the present title since 1994 and has been bilingual since 1992.

The publication contains all essential data on our coun­try and is basically a small yearbook. Its contents are also published on the Internet. It contains basic presentation data on our country, a schematic map marking the position of Slovenia in Europe, important data on Slovenian territory, climate and environment, basic data on population, education, social security, important data on economy, review by statistical regions and interna­tional comparison.
Slovenia in Figures

PDF Slovenia in Figures 2013 (4 MB)
PDF Slovenia in Figures 2012 (4 MB)
PDF Slovenia in Figures 2011 (4 MB)
PDF Slovenia in Figures 2010 (10 MB)
PDF Slovenia in Figures 2009 (6 MB)
PDF Slovenia in Figures 2008 (4 MB)
Slovenia in Figures 2007 (4MB)
Slovenia in Figures 2006 (23 MB)
Slovenia in Figures 2005 (4 MB)
Slovenia in Figures 2004 (3 MB)
Slovenia in Figures 2003 (4 MB)


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