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Census Atlas of Slovenia 2002

The Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia and the Anton Melik Geographical Institute of the Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts jointly prepared the Census Atlas of Slovenia 2002 (in Slovene language only).

The Census Atlas contains 102 thematic maps presenting 2002 Census data by almost 6 thousand settlements. Landscape variety and diversity of Slovene territory is also reflected in the size and regional location of settlements. Maps are complemented by the short and to the point texts presenting the Slovene reality at the beginning of the 21st century.

Census Atlas of Slovenia 2002


160 pages of handy format A4 brings the basic information on cartography used for presentation of data, seven chapters of content and a comprehensive list of used sources and literature.


The shortest chapter (8 pages) of the Atlas is displayed in PDF format. Synoptic development of the population of Slovenia from the first census in 1857 is presented together with the location of settlements and the number of population in them at the 2002 Census.

Population and settlements (2,54 MB)

For the visual illustration of the publication five particularly interesting maps (out of 102) were selected expressing very clearly the regional differences of spatial distribution of population and dwellings.

Consensual unions (share of cohabiting partners aged 20 to 39 from all family partners)
Daily commuting (share of secondary school pupils and students)
Religion (share of persons who did not want to reply to the question on religion)
Education (share of population aged 25 or over with only incomplete basic or basic educational attainment)
Dwellings without toilet (share of occupied dwellings without toilet)

The publication costs EUR 40 (SIT 9 586) and is available in major bookshops or can be ordered directly from ZRC Publishing.


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