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Statistical Yearbook of the Republic of Slovenia

Latest release:

Previous releases:
Statistical yearbook 2013

The Statistical Yearbook is our central and the most comprehensive regular annual serial publication. It has been published regularly since 1964 (before that it was published in 1953 and 1955). Older issues of the Statistical Yearbook (1953-1995) have been scanned, while the 1996 and 1997 issues are published in PDF format only. From the 1998 issue on in addition to whole chapters in PDF format individual tables are also available as excel files. The Yearbook has been bilingual since 1994.

The 1953-1993 issues are available only on the Slovene version of the website.

The Statistical Yearbook comprises:

    • a rich collection of statistical data from all statistical surveys carried out by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia as well as data collected by other bodies and organisations authorised for collecting statistical data,
    • methodological explanations, statistical definitions and statistical terminology,
    • maps and charts,
    • review by different territorial levels,
    • international comparison. 
Statistical yearbook 2013


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