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Family names in Slovenia
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The database of first names of citizens of the Republic of Slovenia, which has been available on our website for some time, was expanded with the database of family names of Slovene citizens, which enables searching for the frequency of an individual family name or finding information about the frequency of an individual first name/family name combination. Because of statistical confidentiality, family names, first names and their combinations with the frequency under five are not shown.
The tables show data on the most frequent family names in Slovenia and by statistical regions as well as the most frequent combinations of first names and family names by sex.

On 30 September 2004 there were 81,235 different family names in Slovenia. More than 40 % of them are combinations of family names, which mostly appear only once (93%). The number of double family names of newborn children is on the rise, mostly on account of more children being born to unmarried parents. In 1991 only 1.3% of newborns had a double family name, while in 2003 the share was 4.2%.

If the frequency of a first name is influenced by the popularity of this name in the period when the person was born, the frequency of a family name reflects regional influence. The most frequent family name in Slovenia is Novak (11,450). More than 10,000 people have the family name Horvat and almost a half of them live in Pomurska statistical region. More than a half of all people whose family name is Krajnc, which is the third most popular family name in Slovenia, live in Podravska statistical region. The family name Zupančič, which is the fifth most popular family name in Slovenia, is very frequent in Osrednjeslovenska statistical region.

Franc and Marija are the most popular first names. Therefore, it is not surprising that Marija Novak is the most frequent female first name/family name combination (475 people). The five most frequent female first name/family name combinations are Marija combined with the first five most frequent family names. The five most frequent male first name/family name combinations are family names Novak and Horvat combined with first names Jožef, Franc, Janez and Štefan. Jožef Horvat is the most frequent male first name/family name combination.

Girl’s first names that started to appear after 1991 are for example Adelisa, Kiara and Robin and boy’s names Tian, Žan Luka, Mai, etc.

The source for setting up the database was the Central Population Register, which is kept by the Ministry of the Interior. Data refer to the situation as of 30 September 2004.



Prepared by:
Tina Žnidaršič
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