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First names and family names, birthdays, Slovenia, 1 January 2012 - final data

Tuesday, September 25, 2012, First Release
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People in Slovenia have more than 50,000 different first names and more than 100,000 different family names. Most of the population celebrates birthday on 1 January.

More than 50,000 first names

At the beginning of 2012, the list of names of people in Slovenia exceeded 50,000 for the first time and has never before been so extensive. In one year the number of new names increased by 1,194. People were identified by exactly 50,301 different first names. If by these names the same number of people were named, every name would be repeated 41 times. In fact, it is so that the vast majority of names (69%) are unique names (i.e. they appear only once). Only every seventh first name is had by more than 5 people and the list of names with a frequency greater than 10,000 includes only 28 names.

In one year, on the list of top male names there were no changes. The most common male names in 2012 are still Franc, Janez, Anton, Ivan and Jožef, only their frequency has decreased.

Among the top ten female names the name Nataša overtook the name Jožefa, which is now the eighth most frequent female name in Slovenia. In the first place remains the name Marija, and the second most common name is Ana. Both names were numerically reduced, even though Ana was one of the most commonly assigned names for girls born last year.

More than 100,000 family names

There are about twice as many family names as first names (104,145). With 73% of all family names fewer than 5 people are identified. Half of all family names appears only once, most of them are a combination of two family names. Only the family name Novak appears more than ten thousand times. This is followed by family names Horvat, Kovačič, Krajnc, Zupančič and Kovač. The frequency of ten most common family names has not changed much in one year. Among the top fifty family names four are from the animal kingdom, three are "professional", and two indicate that the ancestors might once have been of a more noble lineage.

Almost every third person with family name Novak lives in the Osrednjeslovenska statistical region. Family name Horvat (the second most common) is the most highly represented in the northeast of Slovenia; 72% of all Horvats live in Pomurska and Podravska statistical regions. The third most common family name in Slovenia is Kovačič. One in five people whose family name is Kovačič lives in the Osrednjeslovenska region; this family name is ranked 1 in the Spodnjeposavska region, whereas in the Koroška region it is only at rank 282. Family name Krajnc (fourth in Slovenia) is the most typical of the Podravska region - every second person with this family name lives there. In the neighbouring regions of Koroška and Savinjska this name is ranked 2. 80% of people with this name live in these three regions. The fifth most common family name in Slovenia is Zupančič. Every second person with this name resides somewhere in the Osrednjeslovenska region, where it is the second most common family name, every fourth in Jugovzhodna Slovenija, where the family name is ranked 5. Often represented is this family name also in the neighbouring Spodnjeposavska and Zasavska statistical regions.

Most birthdays on 1 January

Most of the people in Slovenia (7,780) celebrate their birthday on the first day of the year. Ignoring 29 February, the fewest people were born on 31 December (4,648) and in the last few days of the year. This is more typical for people born before mid-1960s: parents namely registered children that were born in the last days of December as if they were born in January of the following year.

Updated interactive tools

As of today, the interactive database of first names and family names as well as the database on birthdays are updated with the data on population stock on 1 January 2012.

At the same time, the time series of data on first names and family names which appear 5-times or more, already published in SI-STAT Data Portal, are updated with data as of 1 January 2012. The tables with most common baby names are also updated with data for children born in 2011.

Table 1: Number of first names by frequency and share of population, Slovenia, 1 January 2012
namespopulation (%)namespopulation (%)namespopulation (%)
First names total50,301100.023,923100.026,378100.0
First names by frequency
2 - 48,5361.14,1651.04,3711.1
5 - 92,5510.81,2660.81,2850.8
10 - 993,3944.81,5984.61,7965.1
100 - 99987213.544614.142613.0
1000 - 999932755.714748.618062.7
Source: SURS
Table 2: The most frequent names, Slovenia, 1 January 2012
First nameFamily nameCombination
1FrancMarijaNovakHorvat JožefNovak Marija
2JanezAnaHorvatNovak FrancHorvat Marija
3AntonMajaKovačičHorvat FrancKrajnc Marija
4IvanIrenaKrajncNovak JanezPotočnik Marija
5JožefMojcaZupančičNovak AntonZupančič Marija
6AndrejMatejaKovačNovak IvanKovačič Marija
7MarkoNatašaPotočnikHorvat ŠtefanNovak Ana
8JožeJožefaMlakarNovak JožeKos Marija
9MarjanNinaVidmarKrajnc FrancMlakar Marija
10PeterBarbaraKosNovak AndrejKovač Marija
Source: SURS
Table 3: The most frequent family names, statistical regions, Slovenia, 1 January 2012
Statistical regionRank
Jugovzhodna SlovenijaZupančičNovakTurkHočevarKovačič
Source: SURS
Data access
More detailed data and time series are available at the SI-STAT data portal, which enables simple browsing and exporting of data into various formats. Registered users have the possibility to store tables for later browsing and to sign up to be informed when data are updated.

Next release:
Tuesday, September 22, 2015
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