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Labour force, Slovenia, February 2012 - final data

Tuesday, April 17, 2012, First Release
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In February 2012 the registered unemployment rate in Slovenia went down by 0.1 of a percentage point, reaching 12.4%. The number of persons in employment increased by 450.

The registered unemployment rate went down

The registered unemployment rate in Slovenia decreased by 0.1 of a percentage point in February 2012, thus it reached 12.4% by the end of the month. The slight decrease in the unemployment rate was mostly due to the increase in the number of women in employment, while at the same time the number of registered unemployed women went down. The unemployment rate was 12.8% for women and 12.1% for men. Among all of the registered unemployed persons the share of men still remained higher; it was 53.5%.

The number of persons in employment slightly increased

The number of person in employment increased by 450 persons in February 2012 compared to the previous month. Gender analysis showed that the number of women in employment rose by approximately 800, while the number of men in employment declined by around 350. The number of persons in employment decreased the most in Obalno-kraška statistical region (by almost 400), while the number of persons in employment increased the most in Osrednjeslovenska and Podravska statistical regions, which are the two regions with highest numbers of persons in employment; almost half of all persons in employment in Slovenia worked in these two regions.

Comparison with survey data

According to the Labour Force Survey data the ILO unemployment rate in Slovenia was 8.7% in the fourth quarter of 2011, while the registered unemployment rate for the same period stood at 12.0%. The difference between both rates is a result of different methodologies used. In register data we have full coverage, while Labour Force Survey results are estimates based on the statistical sample.

Table 1: Labour force, Slovenia, February 2012
I 12II 12 II 12 
I 12
II 12
II 11
Labour force927,533927,05499.998.9
Persons in employment811,568812,018100.198.8
Persons in paid employment719,649720,262100.199.0
- by legal persons665,195666,092100.199.2
- by natural persons54,45454,17099.595.8
Self employed persons91,91991,75699.897.8
- individual private enterpreneurs54,87154,854100.0101.2
- own-account workers6,6026,58699.897.5
- farmers30,44630,31699.692.2
Registered unemployed persons115,965115,03699.299.5
Labour force509,720509,24599.998.2
Persons in employment447,996447,65199.998.1
Persons in paid employment384,122383,961100.098.2
- by legal persons350,579350,686100.098.6
- by natural persons33,54333,27599.294.5
Self employed persons63,87463,69099.797.5
- individual private enterpreneurs38,95038,89099.8100.2
- own-account workers3,4883,48399.996.6
- farmers21,43621,31799.493.2
Registered unemployed persons61,72461,59499.898.8
Labour force417,813417,809100.099.8
Persons in employment363,572364,367100.299.7
Persons in paid employment335,527336,301100.299.9
- by legal persons314,616315,406100.3100.0
- by natural persons20,91120,89599.998.0
Self employed persons28,04528,066100.198.3
- individual private enterpreneurs15,92115,964100.3103.9
- own-account workers3,1143,10399.698.6
- farmers9,0108,99999.989.8
Registered unemployed persons54,24153,44298.5100.4
Source: SORS
Table 2: Comparison of registered unemployment rates and ILO unemployment rates, Slovenia, 2011-2012
Register data
Survey data
… no data
Source: SORS
Chart 1: The registered unemployment rate by sex, Slovenia, January 2008 - February 2012
Chart 1: The registered unemployment rate by sex, Slovenia, January 2008 - February 2012
Source: SORS
Chart 2: The registered unemployed rate by statistical regions, November 2011 - February 2012 (in %)
Chart 2: The registered unemployed rate by statistical regions, November 2011 - February 2012 (in %)
Source: SORS
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014
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