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Supply balance sheets of agricultural products, Slovenia, 2010– final data

Wednesday, March 28, 2012, Rapid reports
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Information on the calendar supply balance sheets of agricultural products for the period of 2001-2010 is now available to users in the new First release.

The lowest self-sufficiency rates in 2010 characteristic for supply balance sheets for vegetables and cereals

The self-sufficiency rate in Slovenia is much higher for animal products than for crop products. Especially low rates of self-sufficiency were observed in 2010 in supply balance sheets for vegetables (31% in 2010) and cereals (56% in 2010). On average the rate of self-sufficiency in the balance sheets for meat and eggs was over 80%.

Final supply balance sheet for wine for the market year 2009/10 published for the first time according to the new distribution of wine quality classes

In Slovenia, the prevailed production of white wines is characteristic. In the 2009/10 marketing year, for which the supply balance sheet was compiled according to the new wine quality classes (wines with protected designation of origin, wines with protected geographical indication, varietal and other wines), its share reached 63% of the total wine production; the rate of self-sufficiency exceeded 100% in this market year.

In 2010 the highest human consumption of cereals and meat in Slovenia

In 2010 an average Slovene consumed 121 kg of cereals (of which 100 kg of wheat), 94 kg of meat (mostly, 42 kg of pork and 20 kg of beef), 70 kg of potatoes and 90 kg of vegetables. In one year he or she also consumed 36 kg of sugar, 10 kg of eggs and drank almost 38 litres of wine.

View the publication: Rapid reports
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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

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