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The Horticulture Census 2010, Slovenia, 2010 - final data

Friday, March 30, 2012, First Release
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SORS is publishing final data of the 2010 Horticulture Census according to which there were 1,192 market vegetables producers and 292 market ornamental plants producers with main area in Slovenia in 2010.

Less than half a percent of utilised agricultural area in 2010 for market vegetable production
The main area for market vegetable production was in 2010 1,216 hectares, which was 0.3% of total utilised agricultural area.

The average market vegetable producer used 1 hectare of the main area in 2010
In 2010 there were 1,192 market vegetable producers. They cultivated 1,216 hectares of the main area. Only more than 5% of the main area intended for the production of market vegetables was indoors.
Because of the multiple uses of the same area in the same year, the vegetable production area was almost 1,500 hectares in 2010. As regards the production area, the largest share of market production of vegetables was occupied by brassicas crops (30%), salad crops (21%) and fruit crops (16%). Regarding the number of producers, the same groups dominated.

In 2010 market flowers and ornamental plants were grown on 229 hectares of the main area
In 2010 ornamental plants and flowers were cultivated by over 290 market producers. The main area for the production of flowers and ornamental plants was in 2010 229 hectares.
The largest share of the main market area for producing flowers and ornamental plants was intended for perennials and woody plants.

Agricultural holdings with market horticultural production stand out by characteristics of the labour force
In 2010, we collected data on market horticultural production together with the agricultural census, so data can be linked between both statistical surveys and agricultural holdings with market horticultural production can be analysed in terms of their economic size and characteristics of the labour force.
Depending on what part of agricultural production brings most of the standard output, the agricultural holdings are classified into typology. According to the 2010 Agriculture Census in Slovenia we have only 523 farms that are grouped into 'specialist horticulture' type. Other market horticultural producers had, according to that calculation, the main income from other agricultural production in 2010.
Of all agricultural holdings in Slovenia those classified as 'specialist horticulture' also had the highest share of managers under the age of 45 years (30%) and 26% of those were classified into the size class of EUR 50,000 and more.

The data on the typology of agricultural holdings in 2010 have already been published in the SI-STAT database.

More detailed data (also at lower territorial levels) will be available in the SI-STAT database in the second half of April 2012.

Table 1: Main area, Slovenia, 2010
Area (ha)Number of agricultural holdings
Flowers and ornamental plants229292
Herbs and medicinal plants44116
Source: SORS
Table 2: Production area of vegetables, Slovenia, 2010
Area (ha)Number of agricultural holdings
Vegetables - TOTAL1,4981,192
  of which brassicas crops442754
  of which salad crops309768
  of which spinach crops25340
  of which root crops206638
  of which fruit crops245792
  of which bulb crops147623
  of which leguminous crops58501
  of which other vegetables66167
Source: SORS
Methodological note
The economic size of agricultural holdings, expressed in standard output (SO), is in accordance with the EU methodology defined as the monetary value of the agricultural gross production at the farm-gate price. The SO includes:
- sales, farm use, farm consumption and changes in stocks,
- both the value of the principal and secondary product.
The subsidies are not included.
The SO is a unit value: for each type of crop production, it corresponds to one hectare (or 100 m2 for mushrooms), and for livestock production it corresponds to one head of livestock (or 100 heads in the case of poultry or one hive for bees).
The »SO 2007« values are calculated according to the »direct observation method«, which means that for each category both the average quantities (calculated per observation unit) and the prices are estimated.
The SO »2007« coefficients are calculated as arithmetic average in EUR of expressed values for 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009.
Agricultural holdings are on the basis of the identified shares of SO for particular activities in the totals on each holding classified according to prescribed criteria in the appropriate type of farming.

Linked content
Links to the detailed methodological explanations, detailed data in Si-Stat database and liks to other related topic can be found on the web sitehttp://www.stat.si/novica_poglej.asp?id=124.

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