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Stocks of fixed assets, Slovenia, 2000-2010

Friday, December 30, 2011, First Release
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The net stock of fixed assets in Slovenia slightly increased despite the economic and financial crisis to EUR 129 billion at the beginning of 2010.

The net stock of fixed assets estimated at EUR 129 billion at the beginning of 2010

The value of the stock of fixed assets – largely comprised of buildings, machinery and equipment – has increased slightly, despite a significant decline in gross fixed capital formation (GFCF) in 2009. While GFCF has registered negative growth in the past year, the stock of fixed assets at the same time has increased due to past investments and longer service life of fixed assets.

Taking into account the consumption of fixed capital (depreciation), the net stock of fixed assets at current prices increased to EUR 129 billion at the beginning of 2010 - in nominal terms this is an increase of 3.6% over the previous year and 3.7-times higher than the gross domestic product in 2009.

The negative impact on the stock of transport equipment due to GFCF decline in 2009

Despite lower investment in infrastructure in 2009, the net value of buildings and structures at the beginning of 2010 increased nominally by 4.5% over the previous year and amounted to EUR 108 billion (83.9% of the total net value of the stock of fixed assets).

Equipment and machinery (EUR 19 billion), which accounted for 14.7% of the total net value of the stock of fixed assets, suffered a fall in stock values between 2009 and 2010 due to exceptionally low level of investments in transport equipment in 2009. This asset group is characterized by a shorter service life; therefore, the impact of new investments is even greater.

The net value of transport equipment at the beginning of 2010 decreased nominally by 5.8% to EUR 3.7 billion since the previous year. In the group of other equipment and machinery mainly the net stocks of office machinery and hardware have decreased (-8.1%).

Non-financial corporations and households had the largest share within the structure of net stock of fixed assets

At the beginning of 2010 non-financial corporations had at current prices in the ownership or financial lease EUR 57 billion in net stock of fixed assets (44.3% of the total net stock), and households, with 40.4% of the total net stock, EUR 52 billion; the latter mainly due to the ownership of dwellings.

The general government sector, with EUR 17 billion, at the beginning of 2010 represented 13.3% of the total net stock of fixed assets.

At the beginning of 2010 the net stock of fixed assets increased the most in the government sector

Investment activity in 2009 compared to 2008 stagnated significantly in all sectors, except in the government sector. Here the net stock of fixed assets at the beginning of 2010, compared to other sectors, increased the most (nominally by 8.3%).

The comparison by industrial and services sectors shows the most significant increase in nominal terms in the net stock at the beginning of 2010 in Human health activities and social work activities (8.7%), Public administration and defence, Compulsory social security (8.4%), Education (5.6%) and Arts, entertainment and recreation (4.9%). These activities are mainly in the general government sector.

Consumption of fixed capital in 2009 increased by 3.7%

The net stocks of certain types of fixed assets in the production process normally decline in value over time due to wear and tear and technical obsolescence. Consumption of fixed capital (CFC) explains the difference between the opening and closing stocks of fixed assets. In the system of national accounts it is estimated according to the capital stock based on past investments and the likely average (economic) service life.

Increase in CFC in the 2009-2010 period shows that depreciation of existing fixed assets was balanced with purchase of new fixed assets. In 2008, CFC at current prices amounted to EUR 6.1 billion or 16.4% of GDP, while in 2009 it amounted to EUR 6.3 billion or 18.0% of GDP, which is a nominal increase of 3.7% over the previous year.

By subtracting CFC from the gross fixed capital formation, we obtain the value of new investments in the current year. In 2008, new investments accounted for 12.3% of GDP and in the financial crisis of 2009 only 5.4% of GDP.

Table 1: Stocks of fixed assets at the beginning of the year, Slovenia
Current pricesConstant 2000 prices
grossnet net of grossgrossnet net of gross
Mio EUR%Mio EUR%
Data before 2007 are recalculated using the fixed exchange rate between tolar and euro (239,64 tolars for one euro).
Source: SORS
Table 2: Net stocks of fixed assets at the begining of the year by asset type, current prices, Slovenia
Fixed assets total110,399120,449124,451128,966
Tangible fixed assets109,069119,100123,021127,546
Buildings and structures92,658100,542103,554108,260
  of which: dwellings44,35047,09048,22950,005
Machinery and equipment16,11718,24519,13418,999
   Transport equipment3,1743,6713,9733,743
  Other machinery and equipment12,94314,57415,16115,257
  of which: office machinery and hardware708670715657
Cultivated assets294313332286
Intangible fixed assets1,3291,3491,4301,420
  of which: computer software665698803816
Structure (%)
Fixed assets total100.0100.0100.0100.0
Tangible fixed assets98.898.998.998.9
Buildings and structures83.983.583.283.9
  of which: dwellings40.239.138.838.8
Machinery and equipment14.615.115.414.7
   Transport equipment2.
  Other machinery and equipment11.712.112.211.8
  of which: office machinery and hardware0.
Cultivated assets0.
Intangible fixed assets1.
  of which: computer software0.
Source: SORS
Table 3: Net stocks of fixed assets by industry groups1) and by institutional sectors, Slovenia
Current pricesConstant 2000 prices
Mio EUR%Mio EUR%
A Agriculture, forestry and fishing2,3902,3911.91.91,7141,6642.12.0
B Mining and quarrying3984000.30.32872860.40.3
C Manufacturing16,46516,50113.212.811,46411,34014.213.8
D Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply6,0146,1864.84.83,9474,0564.94.9
E Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities2,8102,9172.32.31,7711,8102.22.2
F Construction2,9173,0312.32.41,9972,0322.52.5
G Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles7,6827,7906.26.05,0094,9586.26.0
H Transportation and storage10,18010,5308.28.26,5476,6758.18.1
I Accommodation and food service activities2,7632,9802.22.31,7341,8122.12.2
J Information and communication3,2063,2332.62.52,4682,4343.03.0
K Financial and insurance activities2,0832,1221.71.61,4631,4511.81.8
L Real estate activities46,81748,71637.637.829,28529,60236.236.1
M Professional, scientific and technical activities2,8582,9842.32.31,8951,9322.32.4
N Administrative and support service activities3283300.30.32422390.30.3
O Public administration and defence; compulsory social security10,52011,4008.58.86,6837,0748.38.6
P Education2,7232,8752.22.21,7131,7642.12.2
Q Human health and social work activities2,4202,6301.92.01,5601,6621.92.0
R Arts, entertainment and recreation1,4171,4861.11.29239571.11.2
S Other service activities4594630.40.43012950.40.4
T Activities of households as employers--------
U Activities of extra-territorial organisations and bodies--------
Total industries124,451128,966100.0100.081,00582,043100.0100.0
  S.11 Non-financial corporations55,51957,20044.644.437,05337,47345.745.7
  S.12 Financial corporations1,7681,7751.41.41,2591,2341.61.5
  S.13 General government15,81417,12012.713.310,06610,64912.413.0
  S.14 Households50,61352,11440.740.432,16732,21839.739.3
  S.15 NPISH7367550.60.64614670.60.6
1) SKD 2008
Source: SORS
Table 4: Consumption of fixed capital by asset type, Slovenia
Current prices
Mio EUR%
Fixed assets total5,6766,1276,354100.0100.0100.0
Tangible fixed assets5,2695,7005,89292.893.092.7
Buildings and structures2,7172,9643,03347.948.447.7
  of which: dwellings9421,0071,03216.616.416.2
Machinery and equipment2,5362,7212,84344.744.444.8
   Transport equipment69377080212.212.612.6
  Other machinery and equipment1,8431,9512,04132.531.832.1
  of which: office machinery and hardware2792672854.94.44.5
Cultivated assets1615150.30.30.2
Intangible fixed assets4074274627.27.07.3
  of which: computer software2752963354.84.85.3
Source: SORS
Methodological note
As of today, we started to publish data on the stock of fixed assets in accordance with the new classification of economic activities, NACE Rev.2 (SKD 2008). The differences from the previously published data on the stock of fixed assets are due to harmonization with GFCF data series. At the same time we also made some other adjustments within the routine annual revision.
Data access
More detailed data and time series are available at the SI-STAT data portal, which enables simple browsing and exporting of data into various formats. Registered users have the possibility to store tables for later browsing and to sign up to be informed when data are updated.

Next release:
Monday, December 21, 2015
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