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Consumer opinon survey, Slovenia, December 2011 - final data

Friday, December 23, 2011, First Release
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In December 2011 the consumer confidence indicator was 6 percentage points higher than in the previous month.

Consumer confidence indicator up
In December 2011 the consumer confidence indicator increased by 6 percentage points compared to November 2011. The increase was mainly due to more optimistic estimations of consumers about the ability to save money over the next 12 months. The value of this indicator increased by 7 percentage points compared to the previous month. The consumer confidence indicator was 7 percentage points higher than in December 2010 and 5 percentage points higher than last year’s average.

In December 2011 all of the expectation indicators increased compared to November 2011. Half of the current and past situation indicators also increased; compared to the previous month the value of the indicator »suitability of the moment to make major purchases« decreased the most, by 8 percentage points.

Consumers more optimistic about the unemployment rate over the next 12 months
The value of the indicator »unemployment rate in Slovenia over the next 12 months« decreased in December 2011 compared to the previous month by 6 percentage points. Compared to last year’s average the value of this indicator decreased the most, by 14 percentage points; it was also 10 percentage points lower than in December 2010. This month’s value is the lowest value for this indicator since October 2008. In this case decrease means an improvement because the lower the value the better the situation.

Detailed answers to the question »How do you expect the number of people unemployed in this country to change over the next 12 months?« showed that in December 2011 14% of respondents answered that the number will increase sharply, 45% answered that it will increase slightly, 25% that it will stay the same, 14% that it will fall slightly and 1% that it will fall sharply. One percent of respondents didn’t know or didn’t want to answer this question.
Chart 1: Consumer confidence indicator1), Slovenia, January 2005 - December 2011
Chart 1: Consumer confidence indicator<sup>1)</sup>, Slovenia, January 2005 - December 2011 1) The consumer confidence indicator uses a scale of -100 to +100. The consumer confidence indicator is the average of balances from answers to the questions about the expected household financial situation, the expected general economic situation in the country, the question about expected unemployment, and the question about savings over the next 12 months.
Source: SORS
Methodological note
Data are seasonally adjusted. In the data no calendar effects were detected.

In the time series spending money on major purchases in the next 12 months the seasonal component is not present.

The statistical survey was co-financed by the European Commission. The European Commission is not liable for the published data and texts.
Data access
More detailed data and time series are available at the SI-STAT data portal, which enables simple browsing and exporting of data into various formats. Registered users have the possibility to store tables for later browsing and to sign up to be informed when data are updated.

Next release:
Friday, February 20, 2015
Linked content
Links to the detailed methodological explanations, detailed data in Si-Stat database and liks to other related topic can be found on the web sitehttp://www.stat.si/novica_poglej.asp?id=124.

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