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SORS is production process oriented institution. Statistical data production is organised via the input division (capture and statistical control of administrative sources and primary data collection), four subject matter divisions (national accounts and prices, business statistics, social and demographic statistics, agriculture, environment and natural resources statistics).

Dissemination division is taking care of disseminating statistical production and keeping good relations with users , including the media . General methodology division, statistical programmes and international co-operation unit as well as statistical business register play a similar infrastructural role as the dissemination division. ICT division and general matters are supportive units. The former is an important driving force in development projects within SORS.

Scheme of organization

Scheme of organization

Description of Statistical Survey Processes

The purpose of this document (Description of Statistical Survey Processes) is to collect in one place and briefly describe all processes that someone planning the implementation of a new survey must know and take into account in the planning. A more comprehensive description and guidelines for correct implementation of individual processes are given in other methodological documents, especially in Quality Guidelines (only in Slovene) and in various methodological manuals (only in Slovene).

Structure of process description SURS, 2012

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