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Slovenian National Statistics

The mission of national statistics in Slovenia is to provide to public administration bodies and organisations, the economy and the public quality, timely, temporally, spatially and internationally comparable data on the situation and trends in the economic, demographic and social fields, as well as in the field of environment and natural resources. Data for national needs and international dissemination are provided at optimum costs. By respecting statistical confidentiality, it improves the users' trust and strengthens professional independence.

The Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia (hereinafter SURS) is the main producer of national statistics and the cohesive force in this field. SURS implements the activity of national statistics on the basis of the National Statistics Act together with authorised producers determined by the Medium-Term Programme of Statistical Surveys 2013-2017. In the organisation chart of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, SURS is directly responsible to the Prime Minister. The act determines that SURS's Director General has autonomy as regards professional and methodological issues.

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