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How frequent are the same names of settlements and streets?
Enter settlement or street name and select searching criteria:

How to search the database?
Into the search engine enter the name (whole or part of) of the desired settlement or street. The search result is shown in two forms – as a table and as a chart. Then select the desired settlement or street via the table or the chart and you will get the basic statistical data on it.
  Selected settlement reviews

Selected street reviews

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For detailed information about the settlement, click on the settlement name in the table below or on the icon showing settlement location on the map. Detailed information will be shown under the map.


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Data on the selected settlement

TREBNJE (municipality TREBNJE)
Number of population3.150
Number of men1.470
Number of women1.680
Settlement area, sq km4,1
Population density, persons per sq km770
Number of families859
Number of households1.020
Average household size3,0
Number of dwellings1.089
Sources of data: 2002 Census of Population, Households and Housing, SORS and Register of Spatial units, SMA

Number of population3.4773.4783.5923.561
Number of men1.7061.6861.7651.744
Number of women1.7711.7921.8271.817
Settlement area, sq km4,14,14,14,1
Population density, persons per sq km850850878870
Teritorial changes of the settlementEnglish version of comments on territorial changes is not available
Sources of data: SURS, SMA
Data as of 1 January of each year.

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