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70 years of national statistics in Slovenia
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Territorial units and house numbers, Slovenia, 1 April 2014 - final data
Administrative territorial structure
Greater changes in house numbers in the 1st quarter of 2014 compared to previous quarters are due to the regulation of real estate records. (24.4.2014)
Careers of doctorate holders, Slovenia, 2012 – provisional data
Research & development, science & technology
At the end of 2012 there were 7,779 doctorate holders among citizens of Slovenia aged up to 69 years. (24.4.2014)
Labour migrations, Slovenia, 2013 - final data
Labour market
At the end of 2013, just over 383,000 labour migrants between municipalities were registered in Slovenia, or more than half of persons in employment. (24.4.2014)
High-growth enterprises, Slovenia, 2011-2012 - final data
Business entities
In 2012, the number of high-growth and medium-growth enterprises stopped falling; in total there were 1,254 such enterprises in terms of employment. (23.4.2014)
Air transport, Slovenia 2013 - final data
In 2013, passenger traffic on three slovenian international airports incrased by 9%, also goods traffic increased by 6%. (23.4.2014)
Consumer opinon survey, Slovenia, April 2014 - final data
Level of living
In April 2014 the consumer confidence indicator was 1 percentage point lower at the monthly level and 2 p.p. lower at the annual level. (23.4.2014)
Livestock slaughter in slaughterhouses, Slovenia, February 2014 - provisional data
Agriculture and fishing
In February 2014 about 1,000 fewer pigs were slaughtered in Slovene slaughterhouses than in January 2014. (22.4.2014)
Labour force, detailed data, Slovenia, February 2014 - final data
Labour market
Detailed data on the labour force in Slovenia for February 2014 are published in the SI-STAT Database. (22.4.2014)
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Other news
22.4.2014ICT sector, Slovenia, 2005–2012
18.4.2014Basic education for youth and adults in Slovenia at the end of the school year 2012/13 and at the beginning of the school year 2013/14
18.4.2014Purchase of agricultural products, Slovenia, February 2014 - provisional data
18.4.2014Output price indices, Slovenia, March 2014 - final data
18.4.2014Statistics of building permits, Slovenia, February 2014 - provisional data
18.4.2014April excessive deficit procedure report, Slovenia, 2010-2013, forecast 2014
18.4.2014Tourist arrivals and overnight stays, Slovenia, 2013 - final data
17.4.2014Innovation activity in manufacturing and selected services, Slovenia, 2010–2012 - provisional data
17.4.2014Indices of industrial production, detailed data, Slovenia, February 2014 - provisional data
17.4.2014Livestock number, detailed data, Slovenia, 1. 12. 2013 - final data
17.4.2014Crop production, detailed data, Slovenia, 2013 - final data
16.4.2014Labour force, Slovenia, February 2014 - final data
15.4.2014Transport, Slovenia, February 2014 - final data
15.4.2014Road goods transport, Slovenia, 4th quarter 2013 - final data
15.4.2014Indices of the value of construction put in place, Slovenia, February 2014 - provisional data

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Inflation in March
  monthly: 0,8 %
  yearly: 0,6 %

Average earnings (provisional data) for February
  gross: 1.520,88 EUR
  net: 994,34 EUR

Gross Domestic Product
  growth, Q IV: 2,1 %
  per capita, 2013: 17.128 EUR

Government deficit and debt in year 2013
  deficit: -14,7 % GDP
  public debt: 71,7 % GDP

Basic interest rate for April
  monthly: 0,1 %
  yearly: 1,22 %

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-  Careers of doctorate holders, final data, Slovenia, 2012 - final data
-  Labour migrations, Slovenia, 2013 - final data
-  Territorial units and house numbers, Slovenia, 1 April 2014 - final data
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