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STAGE enables cartographic presentation of statistical data by selected spatial units in combination with various maps from the Google Maps tool. High spatial accuracy of cartographic presentations offers an overview of spatial distribution of a selected phenomenon as detailed as to your living environment with data presented in square grid cells with the smallest size of 100m x 100m. Google maps help us to orient by great enlargements. The Google Maps service does not support billingual names of places. The source for the boundaries of the administrative units is the Surveying and Mapping Authority of the Republic of Slovenia.
Slovene Municipalities in Numbers
The interactive electronic publication Slovene Municipalities in Figures provides insight into differences and similarities between Slovene municipalities, as well as their position in the country. Each municipality is presented with a short article. Selected statistical data and indicators can be compared in tables. The population pyramid offers a view on the basic demographic picture in the municipality.
Place names
The database of place names is a simple way users to learn how many settlements or streets in Slovenia have the same name and how often is an individual name repeated, where the settlements or streets you are inquiring about are located and also basic data on settlements viewed.
Thematic Cartography
Application Thematic Cartography allows users to browse pre-prepared thematic maps of Slovenia. Thematic maps enable a clear and efficient review of phenomena at a selected spatial level (municipalities, regions, grids) for several statistical fields. Thematic maps are available in pdf format. Maps can been seen on screen or can be printed. You also can open excel files with statistical data which are in accordance with particular maps.