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Information for Reporting Units – Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

QUESTION 1: What is the authority for the survey?
All surveys are conducted by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia or by authorised producers of national statistics in compliance with the National Statistics Act (Uradni list RS No. 45/95 and No. 9/01) and the Annual Programme of Statistical Surveys for the current year.

QUESTION 2: Is participation in the survey compulsory?
Provision of information for the survey is compulsory for legal entities (businesses, agricultural holdings, etc.), and voluntary for individuals and households. However, the accuracy of the survey and the quality of data depend to a large extent on the participation of each individual and his or her readiness to provide accurate information.

QUESTION 3: Is the confidentiality of the information guaranteed?
Yes, collected data may only be used for statistical purposes, which means that information can only be published in a manner that makes impossible the identification of a particular reporting unit (i.e. business, household, agricultural holding) unless written consent is given for the information to be published. Information will only be published as part of aggregate data (averages, sums, etc.) according to fields of activity, statistical regions and similar.

QUESTION 4: Is it allowed to give the information supplied to other organisations or persons?
The laws prohibit the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia to disclose identifiable information likely to reveal the identification of a particular reporting unit. Information of a non-personal nature may, under extremely strict conditions, be used by researchers for research purposes.

QUESTION 5: Who will use survey results?
Information collected is necessary for the State to operate; it is used by researchers and students and is also of interest to the general public. Survey users vary depending on the specific survey: various government services in Slovenia, such as ministries, education and research institutions, international organisations, such as the EUROSTAT and other organisations within the European Union, The United Nations Organisation, International Monetary Fund, etc.

QUESTION 6: Where are survey results published?
Survey results are made available to the public in printed publications and on websites. Our website is www.stat.si. From here you can access any publication in the electronic form, and any data in the SI-STAT database.

QUESTION 7: Where can I view survey questionnaires?
Questionnaires for most surveys are available on the website of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia: http://www.stat.si/eng/metodologija_vpr.asp.